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Thomas & Joyce, Inc. (TJI) is a management consulting firm specializing in strategic problem-solving in a variety of professional arenas.  Through our extensive network of resources and highly experienced associates, we are able to tap into the best minds in business and industry to effectively develop solutions that fulfill your business and organization goals. 

We are a unique enterprise that merges management consulting, marketing and public policy in a multi-faceted approach to combat contemporary business challenges.  The principals and an invaluable network of independent alliance partners offer clients more than 50 years of international, domestic, state and local experience in the development and improvement of business in a spectrum of industries.  By focusing on "how" rather than "if", we repeatedly achieve success beyond expectation.

We are strategizers and implementers, and do not desert our clients after providing them with a solution.  We follow through and assist them in implementing the plan to achieve their goals.  Though we have an extensive network of resources and contacts, we are still a small company and operate with lower overheads to the client's advantage.  While we are a "total management" powerhouse, we blend existing culture into the structure bringing resources currently not available to the client.  We give the client the advantage of an employee (or even a full staff) without the secondary expenses.  The determinants of our relationship are the client needs and satisfaction with the work performed.


Thomas and Joyce, Inc. was formed in 1992 by Larry P. Horist and Jill B. Shestokas just prior to their marriage.  It was the result of the merging of their two respective enterprises, L. P. Horist and Associates, Inc. (founded 1975) and Shestokas Marketing, Inc. (founded 1987).  At the time, LPH&A focused on public affairs, government relations, political consulting, and non-profit fundraising.  SMI was a wholesale beverage distribution and marketing company with emphasis in the entertainment industry. 

The merger of the two concepts had an exponential effect.  Not only did TJI reflect the services of its predecessor enterprises, but also the synergy created a broader range of services, including management consulting, strategic problem solving, crisis management, and start up strategies for both companies and nonprofit organizations.

In the next generation, TJI was drawn into international business, focusing on the dynamic Chinese market.  The demands of Asian projects resulted in the founding of TJI International, Inc. as a TJI subsidiary.
Larry Horist
Larry is a nationally recognized public policy expert that can also implement the strategic theories he espouses. He pioneered public affairs as a profession and brought innovative methods to issue management. He has testified before the U.S. Congress, numerous state legislatures and city councils. Repeatedly, against seemingly impossible obstacles, Larry has triumphed. Through his leadership the historic Chicago Theater was restored. In addition, as Executive Director of the City Club of Chicago he revitalized the group to its now 500 plus members, including many of Chicago's most influential leaders.

contact Larry:  lph (at) thomasandjoyce (dot) com

Jill Horist
Director of Strategy
Jill lived the ride of a start-up entrepreneur through developing a sales marketing and distribution beverage network that ultimately grew into a multi-million dollar enterprise. Her public policy experience spans government/corporate/ and non-for-profit affairs including a reserve of vast knowledge in regulatory issues. By special appointment of President Gerald R. Ford, she served in the National Office of Youth Actives and the Commission on the Employment of the Handicap.

contact Jill:  jbh (at) thomasandjoyce (dot) com

Cyril Lim
International Manager
Cyril comes from a background of international marketing and special event planning having worked previously in the nonprofit and education sector.   He has been involved in multiple projects with the Auckland Learning Center, Lyric Opera of Chicago, Museum of Science of Industry and the Kellogg School of Management.  In his current role as International Manager, he is responsible for the planning and marketing for TJI's projects related to the international market, nonprofit and performing arts sector.  He has significant work experience and cultural understanding of the Asia Pacific region.  In addition, Cyril is also an avid aviation enthusiast.

contact Cyril:  cl (at) thomasandjoyce (dot) com

Xiong Her
Executive Assistant/Technology Manager
Xiong brings considerable experience with the public school and university systems. Additionally, being detail oriented and time conscientious, he produces quality work within deadlines. Dedication and ability to work well with others makes him a tremendous asset to the TJI team and contributes immensely to productivity.  Xiong brings to TJI extensive knowledge and talents.  In addition to project support of various kinds, he is primarily responsible for website design and other internal and computer technologies.

contact Xiong:  xnh (at) thomasandjoyce (dot) com

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