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The artist management arm of Thomas & Joyce, Inc. (TJI) provides exceptional cultural consulting to businesses and support to individual performing artist.  We specialize in up and coming artists from around the world who are seeking international experience and opportunities for artistic exchange.

We adopt a unique approach combining business and artistic goals when managing our arts clients. We market extensive within North America as well as the Asia Pacific region where we have a strong network with government and nonprofit agencies in the region.

Our flexible fee schedule ensures that we bill for what you get.  Unlike most management companies, we generally do not require exclusive contracts therefore artist are free to explore other opportunities.

For more information about artist management services, please email us at cl (at) thomasandjoyce (dot) com.

Performing Artist currently under contract:

  • Henry Wong Doe - Solo Pianist
  • Matthew Horist - Vocalist
  • Guillaume Fortin - Trumpeter
  • Matthew Allison - Trombone

(Artist websites coming soon)

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